Expand & Build Your Practice
Using Outdoor, Wilderness and Adventure Therapy Referral Options for "Youth at Risk"

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Referral to programs can increase the size of your practice and the problems you can resolve. Training and consultation in the use of these resources is now available. 

Institute Sponsors


Professional consultation for One Year will be provided at no charge to professionals who attend and complete the 4 day institute.

  1. Identify the populations you want to work with:

    • Adolescents

    • Families

    • Young Adults (18 to 24)

    • Adults

  2. Define the problems you want to work with"

  • Conduct and oppositional problem

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • School drop out

  • Substance abuse

  • Low self-esteem

  • Angry, aggressive and self-destructive behavior

  • High risk behavior

  1. Obtain training in theory, practices and standards of care in outdoor, wilderness and adventure treatment programs for our 4 day institute.

  2. Develop your competency with consultation from qualified professionals as necessary when screening, developing treatment plans and referring to programs.

  3. Provide ongoing support and follow-up services with patients, families and youth.

Outdoor Interventions can Turn a Kid's life around

Outdoor, adventure and wilderness therapy programs are proven methods to work with individuals, families and children with behavioral and emotional disorders. Outdoor Behavioral Health options compete with traditional residential treatment programs and demonstrate stable positive outcomes in less time at lower cost. Professionals who understand and utilize outdoor therapy resources effectively can help “at-risk” youth, change family dynamics and profoundly impact the life skills of individual clients.

This program and a series of clinics will provide content and experiential opportunities that train participants to screen for appropriate programs, develop treatment plans, monitor treatment and integrate outdoor therapy program referral services into their practices. Clinicians who work with youth and families can increase the size and effectiveness of their practices by understanding and working with appropriate outdoor programs.